TV stars memorable X-mas


What is the most memorable X-mas you had? TV celebrities say the best memories of their Christmas are from their school days, and if they get Rs.1 lakh from Santa Claus today, they would like to give it to charity or buy gifts for their loved ones.

Here’s what TV stars have to say about their memorable Christmas and what they will do if Santa claus gives them Rs.1 lakh to spend:

Veebha Anand: I remember we used to have Christmas program in school with lots of drama and singing, mostly stories from Bible… If I get the money, I’ll shop and shop and shop.

Puneet Sachdeva: My most memorable Christmas was during my school days. I used to have a lot of fun and have Christmas party in school. I will immediately buy my camera accessories with the money.

Himmanshoo Ashok Malhotra: Most memorable X-mas memory is yet to come. I wish to celebrate it in the winters of New York. I wish I get a chance to witness the madness soon. If I’m given Rs.1 lakh, I’ll go and buy my favourite Gucci shoes, an awesome LV wallet and the rest will go for my perfumes – the Giorgio Armani ones!

Sneha Wagh: I studied in a convent school. My best memories are of childhood when we waited to eat the dark plum cake given to us before our Christmas break. It tasted different. Not like our usual one. If Santa gave me money, I don’t know what I would do. Better give it to good people around — people with beautiful souls, which is rare to find.

Shivin Narang: Most memorable was in school when we were taken to a church. If Santa gives me one lakh, I’ll buy gifts and distribute to needy people and children.

Adaa Khan: My best Christmas memory is from school when we used to have party and we used to wait for Santa Claus to come and give us gifts and dance with us. With Rs.1 lakh, I will buy gifts for my dad, brother, uncle and nephews and make them all happy.

Ankit Gera: When I was in school, every year Christmas was memorable. We all used to wait for the whole year to celebrate Christmas. I will go to orphanage with fancy Santa and give them gifts worth Rs.1 lakh.

Shashank Vyas: Most memorable Christmas was when Santa gave me a nice philosophy book. If I get the money, I don’t want to spend it on myself, rather I will donate it to orphanage and old-age homes.

Gaurav S. Bajaj: My most memorable Christmas was in school when we had a party and I ate fresh chocolate cake. If I get Rs.1 lakh, I would first buy as many blankets as possible to distribute it to poor people as it is winters.

Jaswir Kaur: It was when once in school I was made Santa to distribute gifts. If I’ll get the money, I wound become a Santa and give gifts to the kids and make them happy.

Hrishikesh Pandey: I remember when I was four years old, my parents had gifted me bicycle during Christmas. As I was a kid that time, I had no clue from where did the bicycle came as my parents told me it’s Santa who gifted me. It was really awesome surprise for me. If Santa gives me the money to spend, I will definitely buy something for kids and this year I am planning to gift bicycle to my son.

Rashami Desai: My most memorable Christmas was when I was taken to a church for a mid-night mass by my school. If I get Rs.1 lakh, I’ll buy chocolates and new clothes for the needy children.

Rohit Bhardwaj: My most memorable Christmas was when my cousin took me to a Christian friend where I got gifts from Christmas tree. If I get the money to spend, I will buy gifts for people living in old-age homes.

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