I would like to draw your attention to an attempted robbery on a flight into Hong Kong.

With an hour to go, during the flight, I thought I noticed my bag being replaced in the overhead locker.

I wasn’t sure and decided it was probably a fellow passenger, moving it to access their own bag.

I dismissed any thought of any wrong doing, but upon arrival in HK, something told to me to retrieve the bag, just to make sure nothing suspicious had occurred. When I opened the overhead locker (not above me) and saw my leather bag was the only one occupying the space… I knew there was a problem.

I examined the content, only to find all of my wife’s jewellery, along with some cash had been stolen, during the flight.

I raised the alarm and my wife and I quickly blocked both aisles to stop anyone at the back of the plane disembarking… there were around 120 passengers…

My wife and I both shouted for assistance from the stewards and stewardesses. Eventually a steward told me that security had been called but passengers were becoming very agitated and unwilling to show patience or understanding… they just wanted to get off the plane… my wife and I were the only people controlling the passengers.

I pleaded with the passengers to check their own bags at which point three fellow travellers reported they had also been robbed.

It was only at this point, did I see any evidence from the cabin crew that they were willing to provide any meaningful support.

I vaguely remember seeing a passenger wearing black, sporting a white base-ball cap and pleaded with the rest of the passengers to see if they could remember anyone fitting that description.

It turned out to be a passenger standing in front of me, who once he was identified and his possessions checked… he proceeded to offload money, jewellery, camera equipment and false documents, running into tens of thousand of dollars… all stolen goods from the aircraft passengers.

By this time security had boarded the plane, the Captain had been informed and was standing in the rear section watching the events unfold.

Eventually a policeman boarded the plane and I was able to explain the events leading up to my apprehending the thief. I have since been informed… this criminal activity is reaching epidemic proportions and the local authorities had already caught three thieves (with 30 already on remand since early December 2013) on flights into HK… and the distressing part is that all the criminals came from the same town in China.

It is estimated that only 5% are being caught judging by the reports of passengers contacting the police after they have arrived at their destination.

They sit in the back row of the plane observing where bags are placed… behind or away from the passengers who own them… and they systematically pull them from the overhead lockers while the passengers rest or watch movies. They then take them to the back of the plane and steal any valuable contents. They prey on foreign airlines as the penalties are so lenient… and the pay-off makes it worth the risk…!!

I naively have never thought of robbers operating on planes, but now I have experienced it first hand.

Here are a few take-aways:

1. Hand luggage should ALWAYS be locked.

2. Do not assume luggage under your seat is safe… one passenger had her purse plundered by the guy sitting next to her while she slept…!!

3. If in doubt, wear or keep any valuables ON YOU, at all times…!!

4. Don’t assume, like me, that everyone on a flight is a law-abiding citizen.

5. Do not assume business class travel is secure… robbers can be wealthy.

6. If possible… place a small bell or jingle attached-to or inside your bag… so that whenever it’s opened or moved… there would be a sound.