Three nights ago a college friend was murdered. Last night in Goa a kid I used to know thirty years ago crashed his bike and is in ICU. We watched him grow up, a guy with huge talent. This is a spooky week. Hope he gets out of it fast.

And then there is this computer assistant of ours in Delhi who comes on up to our place and puts right the endless hassles with connectivity and he just got married and he is walking down a pretty well known part of the city with his friend at night. And he gets mugged by eight guys who pull out razor blades from their mouths and assault him so that he ends up losing all his money and gets nineteen slices on his neck and face, thin as rice noodles and sixty stitches.

So he is laid up in hospital. He won’t take action because the cops are part of the deal and they arrested two people but have let them go and his parents have said let it go, no sweat.

That was the story so far. Yes. Fair enough. Now, hear this. He was laid up in hospital for ten days and went back to work and discovered he has been sacked because the shop he works in could not wait ten days. Sorry, but we have another guy. That is the world today. You have to be kidding. No one does that. You can’t sack him.

Yes, we can.

The guy is a genius at repairs and putting things right, the computers hum with joy when they see him. He knows the circuits inside out. He takes dead computers and makes them live.

I hope someone reading this appreciates the tragedy of this situation and holds out a helping hand.

This is indescribable. I don’t know what it is about our country. History. Karma. Stoic acceptance. He understands their problem. He is practical and has no grouse.

I am seething at the injustice of it all and he is saying, it happens.

Give him a job someone. 

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