Daily Dose Column By Bikram Vohra

stockfresh_284408_business-begging-man-to-woman_sizeMHave you noticed how each of us is attracted to a certain type of person in the opposite sex? Personality, shape, age, intellect, even complexion and features. Then, every now and then we find someone who of it’s the bill so perfectly and there is zero electricity. Like nothing at all. Why is that? I have a theory. That person so totally fills the bill that we go into overload and short circuit. It is just too perfect and we cannot take anything without a flaw…that is the story of the human race. Anything utopian or ideal leaves us stone cold.

We need that flaw.
I was mentioning to my wife the other day that between a husband and a wife all is forgiven except if he bores her. That is deadly. Women cannot stand being bored by a man. Though it should work both ways, it does not. By some chemistry it is a owman thing. You can be poor, be a loser, be crooked, she can take it, but be boring and it is a total turnoff.
My wife has an unusual response. She says boredom is under-rated. Boredom is a great state of mind to be creative. In fact, when you are bored you can come up with great concepts. Your mind works in full gear.
Guess I never thought of it that way. But there is a point. If you are bored you have this vast expanse of time…do something with it.