Shivaji-the Real Hero


Shivaji-the Real Hero published by Udveli Books in India was released at the Parliament’s Churchill Hall on 1st May. The book has illustrations and script by Brijesh Mogre. Sheena Bhattesa of Its PR welcomed the attendees. After a short film on Shivaji, Rt. Hon. Keith Vaz was invited by the publisher Vivek Mehetre to the podium. In his keynote address, Keith Vaz hailed the achievements of Indians in Britain and stressed on the need to celebrate the national heroes of India. Sushil Rapatwar, ex-President of Maharashtra Mandal London read out the message given by Prime Minister David Cameron for the British Marathi Community. After a brief address by historian Shri S.G. Shevade, senior historian Shri Babasaheb Purandare, an authority on Shivaji spoke about the greatness of Shivaji. A delegation of 40 people flew in from India. Other noted guests were writer Mihir Bose, Dr Rami Ranger, and publisher C.B Patel. Abhijeet Patil, Chairman of Raja Rani Travels, was the facilitator of this event.

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