Tips to make motherhood enjoyable


shutterstock_13822198In an attempt to fulfil the responsibility of both personal and professional life, mothers forget to give time to them. This Mother’s Day, on May 11, an expert suggests that moms should rest and rejuvenate, focus on work-life balance and be themselves to make the most of their journey.

According to Samir Parikh, one of the leading psychiatrists of Delhi, Mother’s Day is a reminder to celebrate mothers. However, he feels every mom needs a stress-free and smooth journey and to achieve that, they should follow some tips, said a statement.

* Rest and Rejuvenate: Everyone deserves a break and a rest. For a mother, it becomes even more important to take a break and de-stress both body and mind. It may feel like things would collapse and you cannot take a day off from time to time, but with effective planning it’s not difficult. This will help a woman in being a more relaxed and happier mom.

* Work-Life Balance: If you were a working mother, it would be challenging for you to manage work and family responsibilities effectively. Too many responsibilities can stress out even the most organised person. Therefore it is important to have the demarcation between work and family life. When you are at work, try not to solve family chores and vice-versa. This is an effective stress and time management strategy.

* Be Yourself: Once a mother, a woman’s responsibilities begin to pile-up and she tends to forget various aspects of her own personality. Do not forget that you are much more than only a mother; you are an individual with hobbies, tastes and interests. It is important to invest in yourself for a satisfied life.

* Social Support: With many things to manage and handle, friends can become a forgotten detail on the list of things to do. However, friends can be your backbone when things seem overwhelming and difficult to manage. Sometimes just knowing that friends are in the same boat can be a great source of comfort.

* Enjoy The Journey: Motherhood is a gift with its many ups and downs. However, it is a unique experience that changes you, your perspectives and your priorities. It is important to keep in mind that this is a journey that should be enjoyed and experienced fully. On Mother’s Day, remind yourself of the many joys of motherhood.