shutterstock_163958960There is this bank, okay. I closed my credit cards with them over a year ago. Like zero, zero. On both the Visa and the Mastercard. Then I cut up the cards and threw away the shackles. Happy camper. Celebrate.
Imagine my surprise this week when I get a call from a collections department fellow who says I owe them the princely sum of 1,100 dirhams in interest because the cards were not closed and the service charges have accrued.
These are monthly service charges yes? So I ask why they were silent for one year. Not a peep. Nothing. They say, the system brought it up now so they want the money.
I say, I cleared the cards in toto, in full, like down to the last fil.
Yes, but you didn’t ask for a letter of closure.
You didn’t close your account so it was still being serviced, it is now a suspended account, you have to pay it.
I don’t. I won’t. And zero is zero, mathematically, how do you service an account that is zero?
I know they are the big boys and in a fight they fight dirty but I am not giving in. So, if there is anybody out there, a banker, a legal advisor, a friend, someone who has also been punished and bullied by these so called venerable institutions and can give me some advice which we can all share, then do me a favour and share it for all. Just do not say oh, pay it and walk away.
I know it is such a pittance it is better to cut your losses but the sheer meanness and unfairness of it all galls me and the bile rises.
The mood I am in I don’t mind spending ten times that to not pay it…if you get the drift.