Bahrain to build over 40,000 homes

Kinf og Bahrain Hamad-Bin-Isa-Al-Khalifa
Kinf og Bahrain Hamad-Bin-Isa-Al-Khalifa
King of Bahrain Hamad-Bin-Isa-Al-Khalifa

Bahrain is planning to construct more than 40,000 houses to be funded by the government to face growth in its population, according to the Gulf country’s deputy prime minister. ¬†Contractors told to ensure they comply with tenders for such projects.says a Emirates 24|7 2014 report.

Sheikh Khalid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa said contractors wishing to bid for these projects must ensure they meet standards set by the government.

He said the houses are part of several projects planned by the government following the approval of development aid by its partners in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

“These are not just one project but many…this large number of houses will give contractors a chance to benefit from government tenders and contribute to construction and development in the country,” he told the Arabic language daily Al Wasat.

“But the contractors must strive to comply with criteria set by the government for bidding…how can we award a project to a contractor who does not have sufficient resources whether in terms of human capabilities or equipment…I believe that these criteria should be an incentive for the contractors to strengthen their competitiveness and benefit from government spending on housing projects.”

In 2011, oil-rich GCC members Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE and Qatar pledged USD20 billion in development aid for Bahrain and Oman over a period of 10 years.

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