Advani & Sushma should mend their ways


Dubai-based journalist Jawahar Chhoda comments on the developments in the ruling party

BJP leader LK Advani might have tried to be sarcastic by mentioning that Modi did a great favour to BJP by choosing to lead it but by retorting to him and then breaking down in an emotional outburst, Modi made it clear that he did not like the word or the tone in which it was spoken.05db7a9f54d8dba587dded2fdaaa2674
Advani has to realise that Modi did not take away anything from him. If Advani could not become the Prime Minister of India, it was not due to Modi and if Modi managed to become the Prime Minister of India, it was due to his own political adeptness and connect with the people. So for Advani to hold the grudge that Modi usurped on his territory is grossly unjustified.
Advani has to realise that if he wishes to continue to receive the respect that he is receiving right now, he has to move on and adopt the role of an elder statesman rather than that of a jealous elder brother who feels that his share of power has been stolen from him.
Similarly with Sushma, she too has to reckon that this is her best chance to be a part of the government. If she chooses to act resentful then she too will be sidelined and will not get a chance to hold any meaningful role in the Modi government and will probably sink into political oblivion. As it is, by openly opposing Modi and siding with Advani she has put the proverbial axe to her foot. She still has time to salvage the situation but if she acts pricey now then there will be nothing left for her to do other than sit on the treasury benches in Parliament as a Member of Parliment who has no substantial role to play either in the party or in the government.

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