Indian spice exports increase


Boosted by the significant export of mint, chilli and seeds, the Indian spice industry has achieved a growth of 41 percent in the last quarter.

Spice MirchiThis period witnessed a total export of 571,680 tonnes of spices and spice products valued at Rs.9,433 crore as against 449,926 tonnes valued at Rs.6,696 crore ($1,232 million).

“The steady growth of spice exports reiterates the unshaken global demand for Indian spices. The export performance of mint, chilly, value added products and seed spices points to a promising future for the Indian spice industry,” said A. Jayathilak, chairman, Spices Board India.

The spice sector has had a dream run during April-December 2013 with 78 percent increase in volume and 89 percent in value.
During the period, a total volume of 193,625 tonnes of seed spices valued at Rs.1,906 crore was exported when compared to 109,067 tonnes valued at Rs.1,008 crore in the previous year.
Amongst the seed spices, cumin registered an increase of 89 percent, coriander grew by 48 percent, fenugreek, celery and other seed spices also showed a similar trend in the export front.
Mint and mint products, which includes mint oils, menthol and menthol crystals, topped the list in terms of value, with an export turnover of Rs.2,202 crore and 17,850 tonnes in volume.
During April-December 2013, a total volume of 58,000 tonnes of turmeric valued Rs.464 crore was exported.
Pepper and cardamom (small) exports were valued at Rs.651 crore and Rs.164 crore respectively.
“The future of spice trade looks promising and secure with the current trend that has surpassed the export figures for the corresponding period in the previous year,” added Jayathilak.

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