Dr KJ Yesudas

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Dr KJ Yesudas
Dr KJ Yesudas

What is wrong with smart, clever people they can say such stupid things? Where was the need of an accomplished, wel l-respected celebrity like Yesudas to sound off about women wearing jeans. And then indicting himself for his hypocrisy when pictures off his daughters in law in exactly that apparel.
The argument this musician gives is that jeans are provocative. You don’t credit the male species with much intelligence, Sir, in fact you insult millions of men who are generally impervious to anyone in a pair of jeans and do start having coarse thoughts because of the denim.
While the past two years have shown, through the speed of technology, that Indians are masters of double standards and utterly without any redeeming feature in some of the ‘profound’ statements they have made about women and their so called limitations on freedoms, the crass foolishness of such remarks leaves one stunned. Years of respect for this musician evaporated in an instant. Not only does he come off as a dirty old man but he sounds like he has bats in his belfry.
There must be some chemistry which occurs when you become famous. Like you begin to believe you are a mentor and a philosopher and that your words of wisdom pour like a fount upon the great unwashed and they slake their thirst from your liquid sagacity. So you say the most outrageous things. You do not even stop to think what a cretin you sound.
Indian politicians do it. Religious leaders do it. Famous names do it. I cannot understand why they don’t just shut up.

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