DAILY DOSE By Bikram Vohra

Bix vanitySome things fascinate me. Like people who buy watches for $100,000. I am sure it must be a lovely feeling to have that kind of money on your wrist but does it improve the quality of time. I don’t suggest you wear a Mickey Mouse plastic watch but such an exorbitant sum on an item that does not do anything else but tell the time. At least an expensive car goes faster, is safer, has more doodahs in it. The same thing goes for fountain pens. It doesn’t improve your writing if your pen is diamond tipped but then ,those who are into this sort of thing derive great pleasure so I am probably incapable of appreciating it.
A lady I know bought a handbag for $15000 and it is seen as a fashion statement. I want to meet the guy who got up one morning in some loft and said, I am going to make a bag so expensive everyone who has huge money will buy it, there is a market out there for a bag that costs as much as a house, let’s do it.
And he did it and a dozen others did it and there are people out there who buy them so they can put half used lipsticks, tissues, a roll of mint, lip gloss, some crumpled receipts, keys, wetwipes and other sundry stuff into them. Blows my mind. I can think of a dozen things I could do with $15000 and buying a bag is not one of them.
And then there are shoes that cost more than your salary. It is just a shoe. A shoe. Period. Whenever I say these things to women I get this look of deep pity, like you poor sod, what would you know, you are not to the manner born.
One lady once said to me, you have no idea what a feel good feeling it is, you cannot imagine the sense of well being it gives us. She is right. I can’t.

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