DAILY DOSE By Bikram Vohra

Have you ever had trivia wreck your sleep? Like what was the name of the author of Peyton Place or who acted in ‘To hell and back’ or what were the names of the Von Trapp family kids? You are up at 2 in the morning wracking your brains for that elusive answer that wriggles about just outside your grasp. And you just cannot switch off till you get the relief which comes with the solution. Going to google is a surrender and you have to resist the impulse. That is plain cheating, not allowed.
Trivia Memory Headache TensionTip of the tongue stuff, I know it, I know it, omigoodness what is the fifth kid’s name?
That sort of stuff. So, I thought let me just spoil your morning peace of mind with a question I asked a bunch of smart kids while coaching them on creative writing. What are the six parts of the human body that have the same names as parts of a mountain. You will get five but it is the sixth one that will keep you awake. Go on give it a shot and don’t switch on the computer.
If it is any comfort (hopefully not) the children got it after several shots in the dark. And none of their parents did

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