DAILY DOSE By Bikram Vohra

Heart Tread MillSat on a flight next to a pretty decent looking person. Like dignified and all that. Mutually decided not to speak to each other, which is fine by me, I HATE making airplane friendships.
Anyway, some how we established eye contact half way through and stuttered into a conversation. He said he was a doctor.
Which I thought was oh, okay, this is better than an insurance guy so I said, you know I have this tingling feeling in my foot and my spondylitis is often aggravated and I began to reel of my little collection of symptoms.
So he interrupts me and says, stop, I don’t give free advice, you have a problem take my card and make an appointment, I am on a plane, I will not give you any information.
Miffed, I say, hey cool it, I was only making conversation. No, he says, you were trying to cadge free medical advice.
Then he went into a mini-tirade. Wherever I go, this happens. You cannot even go to a party to unwind, the moment someone knows I am a doc there comes the medical song and dance, do you know how annoying it is.
You don’t have to be so ornery about it, I say, I mean ,sorry but i just thought…
That’s it, he says, everyone thinks they can impose, it is an imposition, I do this all day and then, even in my downtime i get the same damn crap.
We spend the rest of the flight in a sullen silence.
Annoys me like hell he has a point.
You think strapped in a belt on a plane at 31,000 feet he could have given in?

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