DAILY DOSE by Bikram Vohra

What is it about wives that they never find their husband’s jokes funny? Some other guy will tell a wishy washy frightful story and your wife will roar with unbridled laughter. You begin to relate a really good, tried and tested joke and she’ll say, oh no, not that boring old one again.
Husband WifeI believe there is some cosmic marital law that orders all wives to stop laughing at their husband’s humour after x years of marriage, the x being a variable depending on how tolerant she is. But when that point is crossed wives become wistful.
Look at so and so, he is so well dressed. Another way of saying I wish you were less shabby and more colour co-ordinated.
I had a lovely time with that banker, he was so erudite and knowledgeable. Means you are so dull and predictable and hearing you is as exciting as watching paint dry.
A banker, I mean, rub it in but you don’t have to scar me!!!!
Wives also find their husbands have no passion, no ambition,no drive, unlike you know who has them all by the bucketful.
My wife firmly believes I don’t network. You are awful at networking, she tells me, you just don’t know how to market yourself, if I had half your talent (this is known as a wifely backhanded comment) I’d be in the stratosphere.
You mean like that banker fella?
As husbands mellow into marriage they discover life is marked by milestones that say so and so has done so well for himself.
This is your domestic review board and you are hovering between a C minus and a C. No A’s for you,sunshine.
All this I can take, just laugh at my jokes, please.

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