Brussels Too Big, Bossy


British Prime Minister David Cameron has arrived for an EU summit, saying his message to other leaders was that “Brussels has got too big, too bossy, too interfering”.

CameronAfter the rise in votes for Eurosceptic parties, he said: “The European Union cannot just shrug off these results and carry on as before. We need change.”

The summit comes as UK and EU political leaders react to the Euro elections, BBC reported..

Lib Dem Nick Clegg pledged to keep putting the pro-EU case. Tony Blair urged Labour to “stand-up” to UKIP.

Labour leader Ed Miliband has set out his approach to rebuilding trust in politics in a speech in Essex.

Mr Miliband said UKIP had won votes by touting simple solutions to serious problems that had built up over generations.

“But there isn’t a simple answer,” he said.

There would need to be “big changes” in the British economy, he continued, to ensure that there were good jobs and affordable housing for young people.

A Labour government would seek to rebuild “solidarity and a sense of community”, he said.

Mr Clegg, meanwhile, remains under pressure after his party lost all but one of its 12 MEPs.

More than 300 Lib Dem activists have signed an online petition advising Mr Clegg to resign although senior party figures, including Business Secretary Vince Cable, has said there is “no leadership issue”.

Speaking during a visit to a youth centre in Westminster, the Lib Dem leader said he would not stand down and the party would not quit the coalition at a time the Lib Dems were being “vindicated” on the economy and other issues.


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