EU to take historic vote on Palestine

Labour MEP Afzal Khan

This week, the EU will be voting to urge member states to recognize a State of Palestine as it follows in the footsteps of Britain, Spain and other European countries that have already voted recently in favour .

Labour MEP Afzal Khan
Labour MEP Afzal Khan

The vote comes in response to the violent Israeli-

Gaza conflict during the Summer, which has left over 2000 people dead.

Afzal Khan MEP, Vice –Chair of Security and Defence in the European Parliament, said: ‘The recent conflict has resulted in a real sense of urgency to get the peace process moving. A number of EU countries are debating the issue and are supporting the recognition of Palestine.’

‘This historic vote is symbolic of the EU’s will to get more involved in the Middle Eastern peace process as there is a realization that the US alone cannot resolve the issue.’

Afzal Khan has been at the forefront of the campaign for a two state solution and has continuously urged both sides to take the necessary steps forward to bring about genuine peace in the region.

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