Infosys handles British school admissions

Newly appointed CEO and MD of Infosys


Newly appointed CEO and MD of Infosys
Newly appointed CEO and MD of Infosys

Indian IT bellwethe Infosys Ltd helped Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) to admit a record 400,000 students in British colleges and universities on a single day recently, the company said .

“We worked with UCAS to ensure the systems were ready for students to take the next important step in their life on the results day (Aug 14) by using the clearing process for admission to colleges and universities across Britain,” Infosys vice-president Rajesh K. Murthy said in a statement here.

Early this year, UCAS appointed Infosys as partner to manage its shared admissions service on the day A-level results were announced.

“We uploaded five million exam results to UCAS systems from 130 files supplied by 36 awarding bodies and received one million student logins from countries the world over on multiple channels and devices,” Murthy added.

The highest load recorded was 239 logins per second.

“Months of planning with the Infosys team enabled us to deliver A-level results on a single day and allow thousands of students to secure admission in a college or university,” UCAS director James Munson said in the statement.

Each student logged in quickly on the results’ day to see their status and use the clearing process for admission without a hitch.

As a charity organisation, UCAS manages applications to undergraduate courses in Britain by processing 2.5 million applications every year and facilitating 650,000 students across Britain access about 350 colleges and universities.