Lib Dems accuse Tories of stealing tax plan

Danny Alexander MP

Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander attacked the tax proposals by David Cameron during the annual Conservative Party conference.

Danny Alexander MP
Danny Alexander MP

 “The Tories shameless attempt to copy Liberal Democrat tax policy will be utterly incredible to the millions of working people who they have made clear will be their main target for cuts in the next Parliament,” the Lib Dem leader said in a statement.

“The Conservatives opposed increases to the tax threshold at the last election. The big tax cuts for 25 million working people in this Parliament have only been delivered because of the determination and commitment of Liberal Democrats to fight for them every day.

“Liberal Democrats will fund tax cuts fairly in the next Parliament, asking those with the broadest shoulders to pay more. The Tory plan is based solely on spending cuts, mainly directed at the working age poor.

“And the Conservative plan to raise the higher rate threshold to £50,000 means that the working-age poor are being asked to fund a tax cut that is four times greater for higher rate tax payers than for basic rate taxpayers.

“The only party that can be trusted to deliver tax cuts for working people fairly is the Liberal Democrats.”

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