Royal Mail sorry for racial slur


Royal MailBritain’s Royal Mail has apologised to an Indian-origin man for racist abuse against him by an employee.

The man, who has been asked to remain anonymous for fear of further attacks, was walking along a street in Bangor town in Northern Ireland Friday afternoon when a Royal Mail van drove alongside him and its passenger shouted racist comments at him, the Belfast Telegraph reported Wednesday.

The company wrote to apologise to the victim’s partner after she contacted the company to complain.

The woman said she was unhappy with the company’s response and did not feel the incident was being taken seriously.

However, Royal Mail said that it did not tolerate racism and added that any member of staff found to have been involved in such an incident “would be subject to disciplinary procedures”.

“I do not accept this apology from Royal Mail. The person who shouted the racist abuse should be sacked. Royal Mail should be showing that this type of behaviour is not tolerated,” she was quoted as saying.