World Peace Meditation adds more partners


Leading world organisations Peace One Day, Dalai Lama Foundation,1 Giant Mind,, Conscious Meditation Foundation, Feel Good Communities, Unify and United Religions Initiative for Peace have joined hands to partner with the World Peace Meditation for 21 September.
If we are not peaceful in our own minds, how can we be at peace with those around us? ask these organisations in unison. World Peace Meditation is about building this link between inner peace and World Peace. The World Peace Meditation is available as a MOBILE APP which is raising funds for world peace projects.
Included in the APP is a 40 step Path to Peace aimed at bringing insight and experience of peace into people’s everyday life. The heart of the app is a guided World Peace Meditation for 21 September, 2014 – the UN International Day of Peace. The meditation will be synchronised worldwide at 3pm UK time.
Users can download the app from for both Apple and Android devices.
Organised by the International Association for Human Values and the Art of Living Foundation, there is still time for more partners to join the World Peace Meditation.
According to Sue Hindle, Head of IAHV UK “I have been immensely impressed by the enthusiastic response from major worldwide peace organisations to support the World Peace Meditation. Working together, we can make these powerful tools for peace very accessible to people across the world. This World Peace app empowers individuals to bring peace into their own lives and contribute to Peace in the world. ”

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