Naked cyclists hit Toronto


Naked cyclists ride across Toronto against oil dependencyHundreds of cyclists strapped on their sneakers, helmets and nothing much else for the World Naked Bike Ride’s 10th anniversary in Toronto over the weekend.

7979c7813382a03809f50dea9fadac7e (1)The event’s dress code is “as bare as you dare”. While most were completely naked, organisers say they encourage people to wear as much, or as little clothing as they choose, to foster an atmosphere of fun, solidarity and mutual respect, Xinhua reported.

The ride, which brought out close to 200 cyclists for the 14km trek this year in downtown Toronto, is a protest against car and oil dependency.
Co-organiser Gene Dare, who’s been a part of the movement for the last six years, believes it’s a foolproof way to get people to stop and listen to what they have to say.
“This is the shock value. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) uses it for the treatment of animals, feminists use it in Ukraine and in Europe to bring a message to go topless and they do a protest,” he said. “When you’re naked, people notice, traffic stops and nobody complains.”c7a41bf772d44c9c850a5dfc4a671eb0
The event first started in Vancouver back in 2003 as a peaceful, anti-war movement, which then transformed into a ride to raise awareness for cyclists and to protest against the oil-dependent society.
“I just want to tell people, be careful with oil consumption, there’s other alternative energy to be used, electric cars, electric bikes, solar, it’s pretty much unlimited ’cause people keep focusing on oil still,” said Dare. “One day it’ll all disappear.”
Though nowadays, Dare says the bike ride has pretty much become a platform for people to protest about whatever they choose.d0db5435d41a5611582ec5787c085887

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