THE DIETTummy tuck
There is no worse sensation than wearing an old trouser after a long time and discovering it does not fit, too snug, that little bit too tight and there goes your mood for the rest of the day.
After which you make all those fervent promises to yourself that you are going to drop a few pounds, cut out carbs, tighten the belt and sloshing with resolve you get through the first day soaked in righteousness and denial.
Two weeks later the scales show no diff and now you feel so cheated as you nibble on a lettuce leaf and half a toast and do that determined walk thing and pay a mini fortune to sign up at the local gym for a three times a week work out (which will last four sessions and then you will have to travel and that will be the end of that) and you will buy books on how to lose weight and ten friends will advise you on the diet that really, really works as opposed to really works and works and doesn’t work.
Then one day, after this herculean effort you will summon the courage to get back on the scales and they will have moved a faint quarter of a cm to the left and you will feel vindicated and full of commitment, thrilled that you have beaten the odds and off you’ll go to a party, the new, trim ,slim person you and there you’ll meet someone who’ll say my, my look at you, been stuffing yourself, huh, podgy, podgy, putting on the pounds, prosperous, and now you can either kill them or not have the catered spread and spear an asparagus instead or simply go home and throw those old trousers away.
Moral of the story: If you feel good about yourself don’t let anyone make you feel bad…and their numbers are legion, they thrive on it.

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