Oscar Pistorius verdict today


(SP)SOUTH AFRICA-PRETORIA-OSCAR PISTORIUS-TRIALMurder-accused South African paralympian Oscar Pistorius Thursday arrived at the high court in Pretoria for his trial, as Judge Thokosile Masipa prepares the verdict.

Pistorius is on trial for fatally shooting his girlfriend Reeva Stenkamp through a locked toilet door Feb 14, 2013, at his house in Pretoria, Independent Online reported.

Pistorius has denied the murder charges and said that he shot Stenkamp, mistaking her for an intruder who had entered his house through the toilet window, but the state insisted that it was pre-meditated murder.

If found guilty of murder, Pistorius could face life imprisonment.

After more than a month of deliberation, Judge Masipa will decide if Pistorius’s version of events – that he was deathly afraid of an intruder he believed had broken into his house, prompting the shooting – is true.


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