Boy with big hands baffles docs

Kaleem Khan, @C Bracroft V

The Barcroft TV aired a footage on Kaleem Khan, 8, who has huge palms weighing more than 12 kg. The rare condition makes his daily tasks such as eating, wearing clothes, tying shoelaces and playing really difficult .

Kaleem Khan, @C Bracroft V
Kaleem Khan, @C Barcroft TV

Kaleem was born with hands twice the size of an average baby, and his palms now measure 13 inches from the base of his palm to the tip of his middle finger, the report said.

“I do not go to school because the teacher says other kids are scared of my hands. Many of them used to bully me for my deformity. They would say ‘let’s beat up the kid with the large hands’. Some of them have actually beaten me and would go after me often,” the boy said.

“I find it difficult to put on my clothes, button my shirt and pull up my pants. But I don’t know if I want doctors to operate on my hands. They would have to make me unconscious and then they would cut me open. I have no problem if they could do it without an injection. A small operation would be okay,” he added.

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