Fair, Slim and Tall…


Sabina Ahmed looks into the matrimonial adverts which specify that the girl should be “fair, slim and tall

                                                  Fair, Slim and Tall…

Sabina Ahmed
Sabina Ahmed

It seems in this day and age, considering that we are in the 21st Century, we Asians are still hung up about skin colour.

We have made great progress in many things, Asians are now almost an integral part of the British society, Indian cuisine is the most popular choice among the natives, and we have laws in this country against any discrimination, on the basis of race or the colour of the skin.

So how is it that the we the Asians, the ones who will be outraged if they were refused a job or an opportunity, just because they are the wrong colour? And still all the matrimonial adverts ,specify that the girl should be “fair” and slim and tall.

I will pass on the slim and tall bit, may be they don’t want their sons to marry a really big fat woman ,in case she is not very active in doing the household chores!

Models showcase creations of fashion designer Rohit Bal at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Summer-Spring, 2015 in New Delhi, on Oct.12, 2014. (Photo: Amlan Paliwal/IANS)I will however, will not let the “fair” comment pass! Why have the first generation got this hang up on colour? It is an irony that the “ fair” race of people spends a lot of time and money in trying to get brown or tanned. The idea of beauty seems to be skewed.

I feel so sorry for those young girls who are born in the Asian families and are constantly being told that they should have been fairer, their confidence  must be sapped from the start, ad then if they decide to look at the matrimonial websites, oh misery, everyone seems to want a girl who is fair.

Are “fair” girls better human beings? Is there more harmony, riches in a house where the daughters are ‘fair”?

We should be told!

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