Hamas opposes Palestinian draft resolution

Hamas chief Khaled-Meshaal


Hamas chief Khaled-Meshaal
Hamas chief Khaled-Meshaal

The Hamas movement announced that it opposes the Palestinian draft resolution presented to the UN Security Council which demands an end to Israeli occupation.

Sami Abu Zuhri, Hamas spokesman in Gaza, said in an emailed press statement that the draft resolution presented by the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) to the Security Council “doesn’t represent consensus of the Palestinian people”, Xinhua reported.

Last week, the Palestinians presented an Arab-backed draft resolution through Jordan to the Security Council, demanding an end to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories in 1967.

The draft resolution called for an end to the Israeli occupation by 2017 and establishment of a Palestinian state on these territories.

It also called for a limited one year of direct peace talks to agree on implementing the resolution.

Abu Zuhri called on the PNA to withdraw the resolution, saying “we believe in Hamas that this draft resolution doesn’t cover full Palestinians and here is a large factional opposition”.

Earlier this week, senior Palestinian diplomats announced that in order to avoid a US veto to the draft resolution, they decided to amend the text of the draft before being presented for voting.



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