DAILY DOSE BY Bikram Vohra

                                 LOYALTY AND THE RAW CARROT

Angry fireSo common these laments. I treated him like a son and taught him everything and he just walked out on me for a fistful of dollars.

He was raw as a carrot when he came, I took him under my wing and made him what he is today and he backstabbed me… without a qualm.

I paid for her special lessons and got her a license and now she wants out and I gave her a raise only two months back.

He was like my brother, we broke bread together, played together and now he has put a case against me, can you believe it.

The punk was a loser until I gave him the confidence and we let him stay in our home and built him up, now he has joined an IT company and taken our database with him.

I trusted him so much and all the time he was moonlighting behind my back and cheating the company.

My wife treated him like a third child, even helped get his pad decorated, never made him feel anything but wanted and he does this, he starts a competitive company in the same business and steals my clients.

She was with us for fourteen years and we gave her so much love and now she has done the dirty, overnight, no love nothing, she wants her ticket to go home and this is after we gave her an advance to finish her house in the village, who does that?

Trust. Faith. Ingratitude. Rage. Disappointment. Hurt. Injury.  Horror.

At what?

The perfidy of mankind and the frail strands we call loyalty. Loyalty is nothing but a lack of option.

Are we angry with ourselves as we pull the knife out of our backs that we chose wrong, that we got conned and now that is what rankles.

Why is it a virtue in us and a crime in the other guy? Have we always given total commitment? Haven’t we walked heroically when it suited us and in it found great courage and conviction. Leaving behind an irate mentor, shocked that we dumped him.

Same difference.

Let it go. If you did what you did good on you, repayment is not forever, nor is gratitude. Turn the page, move on.

And do it again, find another raw carrot.

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