DAILY DOSE By Bikram Vohra

What is your most unappealing feature? Most of us go through life never even asking ourselves this simple question.
Meditation - Confused - Yoga - StressJust like with cosmetics we are more inclined to camouflage our negatives and pretend they do not exist. But it is a fascinating exercise in piercing the self-deception. It stands to logic that all of us have unappealing qualities. And one of them is the least. We may not even recognise it but that does not mean it does not exist.
Whatever your relationship to the other person, however much love has you blinded or gratitude has you beholden that tackiest quality has to be there. It could be a tic, some horrible habit, a tendency to lie or exaggerate, gossip, be mean spirited, arrogant, plain nasty, offensive, hostile and aggressive, cheap, a dozen other possibilities.
So when I was asked this question I pondered for quite a while then made a short list. Came up with a finalist.
I have a very short attention span for people and am not a good listener. It must be very disconcerting for others to know you would rather be elsewhere when you are in their company. Not always but often enough for it to be unappealing. There is no malice in it, no deliberate rudeness, I just far too often don’t pay attention and the other party notices it. 

So what happens you that instead of adjusting that out of synch part of your personality you make it into a trait and integrate it into your character. See, that is who I am. I have no time for you, I don’t need to know you, I don’t have to clutter up my radar, all nice convenient cover ups for bad manners and rudeness.

Guess I have moved one step towards making it a little less unappealing by recognising the flaw. Most of us haven’t even got that far. 

Go on, write down your Most Unappealing feature, see if you can be candid.


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