DAILY DOSE By Bikram Vohra

This is Babulal Gaur the Home Minister of the Indian state of MP: “Sometimes rape is wrong and sometimes it is right.”

Who elected this man to any post? The sheer stupidity of the remark is difficult to grasp. When is a rape okay by any yardstick?

Rape sand artOh, when the girl is asking for it. When she is wearing ‘provocative’ clothing. When she flirts. When she is not chaste and locked in the kitchen? If you educate her and make her ‘equal’ to boys. All of these things, that whole ‘zamindar’ concept, throw in a little caste and some globs of prejudice and hey, it is okay, go on, we understand, give the vixen a little chastisement, yes?
This country has to ask people like Gaur and the Yadav father and son twosome in UP (boys will be boys) if they would volunteer some of their kin for a couple of ‘right’ rapes so that 1.2 billion Indians who have not got the brains to understand the subtlety of these observations can get a glimmer of what is meant by even a half right rape.
Here we are going through life, stumbling in the darkness of our own ignorance believing that assault and violence is wrong and sexually imposing on a woman is about the worst crime you can commit and now we have enlightened leadership telling us otherwise and we wait impatiently for elucidation so we can be educated at these founts of knowledge.
What gets me how the law does not hold them culpable for inciting rape with such observations seeing as how they hold positions of power and responsibility.


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