Ancient olive trees find place in Dubai


Two Mediterranean olive trees, each more than a millennium old, have been brought to Dubai to be planted on a man-made island off the coast.
Dubai HeritageThe trees, dating between 1,300 and 1,400 years old, are being planted on the “Heart of Europe”, a group of six islands in The World development. They are part of a consignment of 58 trees, comprising more than 10 varieties native to the Mediterranean, which are to be planted, U.A.E daily The National reported today.
The trees were specifically selected because they thrive in hot conditions in the Mediterranean, making it easier for them to survive in Dubai. A team of arboriculturalists from Europe will monitor their progress as they get used to their new surroundings. 
The aged trees arrived in the emirate a week ago from the Alicante/Elche and Andalusia regions of Spain.
The 58 trees being planted on the Heart of Europe are made up of the following varieties; Olea europea trees (Olive trees); Ceratonia siliqua; Ficus nitida and Ficus australis; Dracaena Drago; Ficus carica; Yucca elephantipes; Punica granatum; Chamaerops humilis multi trunk; Schinus molle; Tipuana tipu; and Chorisia speciosa.

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