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Prabha Halai

Prabha Halai received the Inspirational Women’s Award recently for her commitment, dedication and initiative to serve the community and set up aerobics and yoga classes at the Swaminarayan Temple and other community hubs in Bolton. Prabha inspires people both physically and mentally.

Prabha Halai
Prabha Halai

 “It’s nice to get recognition for the work we do and enjoy it means a great deal that people have nominated me,” said Prabha runs aerobics and yoga classes in Bolton.

Her undying love for the community and making a difference in people’s lives motivates and brings positive energy wherever she goes. “I love working with the community, making a difference in people’s lives and, living a healthier and happier life. I am very passionate about my health and wellbeing work. Taking care of our health before illness take over will help people cope better. We only have one body we need to take care of it,” she said.

Eating healthy food, daily exercise and having a positive outlook towards life helps Prabha to feel good and energised all the time.

However, yoga—the ancient form of exercise—is on top of her list.

“I went on a course years ago at Bolton Council. I found it a little boring initially; I did not appreciate yoga in its real form. After many other courses that I attended, and listening to a lot of positive stories on how yoga has made an impact on people’s health, I actually saw the power of yoga.

“Rather than taking unnecessary pills for pain relief, yoga is a much more natural way of healing,” said the multi-talented yoga teacher,” she added.

As teaching and practicing yoga is so much a part of her life that she even travelled to the Himalayas to fulfil her dream to practice this ancient form of exercise in the mountains thus manifesting the importance of staying hale and hearty.

Born in Barnet in North London to Indian parents who are originally from Gujarat, Prabha moved to Bolton 19 years ago after she got married. Performing her duties as a wife, daughter-in-law and a mother to two children aged 13 and 17, she said, “I know how difficult it is to balance everything in life. I still need to work, cook and clean.”

Stressing on the need to stay fit, she said, “You can still be a housewife and look after your family but you still need to stay in shape for health reasons.  Many people say that I do loads of housework so I don’t need to exercise. Reality is that we all need some form of physical activity to stay healthy.  Regular exercise gives you energy and keeps your heart healthy.

However, she worries about the increasing number of Asians who suffer from heart conditions and diabetes. “Exercise can help lower the blood pressure. We tend to over eat but we must remember that we eat to live not live to eat.  Our bodies are becoming bigger in size so is our food portion and, children are exercising less because of the modern technology which keeps them busy all the time. All these are an indication that the next generation kids will be more prone to illnesses and diseases,” said Prabha who recently celebrated her 40th birthday on a Caribbean cruise with her loved ones.

Asked what’s her mantra in life, she said: “Live life in a positive way, stay away from negative people and always remain focussed.”

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