The Indian Parliament, New Delhi.
The Indian Parliament, New Delhi.
The Indian Parliament, New Delhi.


I am thrilled. Indian Members of Parliament have been reassured that their VIP status at Indian airports will be maintained and they need not worry about these privileges being rescinded. Some idiot had suggested that these over 500 MPs should curtail their pushing and shoving and wanting special waiting rooms and lounge facilities and being received and sent off by officials on duty so that all of us unwashed could look up to them as role models.

I firmly believe that our MPs should be given more privileges. They should be given special entrances, be permitted to bypass Immigration and Customs and there is no reason why they should be frisked or undergo the indignity of Security check.

Left to me I would position a band, have a full time Z security battalion on duty, I would open up a path for them through the throng so they are not sullied by the common touch.

Though packaged as servants of the people elected to do our bidding and work for us they are actually leaders of the pack, our superiors in every way and we must tug a forelock and genuflect every chance we get.

I want my MPs to carry banned items with disdain for the laws, pack your bags with contraband, who dare argue with you, you make the laws, you should be above them.

I am so pleased that my MP can enter an airport knowing he cannot be offloaded, can delay a plane without consequences, can eat and drink free, can carry extra baggage without paying for it, can choose his seat, can be last on and the first off and have a special queue (well, a in case there are more than one at the same time) so he suffers no discomfort.

And I do not understand people who want these worthies to be reduced in stature. We must hold them in great esteem because it is either them or the clowns at the circus.

I am so glad the BJP government has not raised a squeak about this issue which is so important in our scheme of things. I am even happier that Mr Kejriwal who had an inclination to cut out the VIP culture thought it best not to bring it up and question the decision.

In fact I firmly believe that if an MP gets on your flight we should all get off the plane so he can be given 300 choices where to sit and scoff from 300 meals.

After all, he is our future. No kidding.

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