Twitter can find you a better job


Twitter-logoTwitter can help more job-seekers than any other traditional platform if it incorporates a formal job board, say experts.

The number of Twitter users has grown more rapidly than LinkedIn and Facebook in 2014, according to a study by the Pew Research Centre.

It showed that Twitter has more job openings than other social media sites and more job seekers than LinkedIn.

However, only 15 percent of recruiters have actually found someone to hire through Twitter.

The people surveyed by Software Advice cited inconsistency of job postings and poor communication by companies with job-seekers as reasons for dissatisfaction.

Currently, the primary way for a Twitter user to find a job is by following specific companies she or he is interested in or by searching via hashtags related to jobs, companies or industries.

But a search for the hashtag #jobsearch will produce hundreds of tweets that are not related to actual jobs, such as articles on job hunting, random thoughts and junk tweets that use the hashtag for promotion.

In addition, as new tweets keep appearing every few seconds, the process of finding an appropriate job can be extremely time consuming and difficult.

What Twitter may do is to add this functionality, perhaps similar to what sites like or CareerBuilder have done. They aggregate job postings, making it easy for job seekers to view jobs by different parameters such as functional area, industry, region etc.

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