Whizzkid. Like a meteor you burn brightly and then you burn out. And the party is over. Besides everyone else lays traps for you.

The boss. If you cannot be a leader. And that means doing it better than your team.

Favourite son. It is wonderful to be the boss’s fav but take it from me when he finds another flavour and you are out everyone will get even. And how.

Bone builder. Never build your career by badmouthing your predecessor. He or she has gone. Stop engaging in a witch-hunt, it is only proof that you are not to the manner born.

A professional backstabber. Person who pretends to friendship and knifes you in the back.

Sycophant. Beware of those who fall at your feet, they maybe pulling the edge of a rug.

False hoper. Person who gives promises he has no intention of keeping. Give an elephant but don’t give hope if you don’t have intent.

Campaigner. Do not use your position or power to harangue someone endlessly. That is cowardice.

Show off. Don’t show off status symbols, knowledge, wealth and that’s because it leads to arrogance and arrogance will trip you up.

Down tripper. People who ignore others on the way up never realising that when they are on the way down that lot may be on the way up.

Upstager. Never in life bring your homework one day earlier than the rest.

Cheat. Sports or gambling shows your character and once caught it stays with you forever.

Nice. Don’t be nice. It sucks. Either be 100 per cent for or against, not wishy washy.

Apologist. Never apologise for who you are or what you stand for. Regardless for the consequences.