A Mary controls Hillary’s Twitter account


U.S.-NEW YORK-HILLARY CLINTON-PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION-ANNOUNCEMENTEver heard of Mary Jo Brown? Well, she is the proud manager of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s Twitter account – for a while though.

Owner of the Brown and Company Design, a print and web design studio in New Hampshire, she tweeted @HillaryClinton: “Hi there! I’m Mary Jo “mom, small business owner, and Granite Stater” and I’m taking over this Twitter account today. Welcome to Portsmouth!

Clinton’s campaign managers are clearing Brown’s tweets as a part of different sort of promotion to involve the common man on the street, Bustle.com reported.

“Ready to start the day at @BrownCoDesign! We are a strategic design firm, based in Portsmouth, NH for 23 years,” another tweet from Brown read.

According to the reports, Clinton handed the reins to Brown to reflect her economic agenda’s focus on small businesses.

Clinton recently told a group of small business owners in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that “I want to be a small business president.”

“The best part of owning my own business: It enabled me to become a single mom at 40, and gives me security & flexibility to be a mom now,” Brown posted @HillaryClinton.

Clinton’s Twitter got a slight makeover signifying the change in command.

The account still has the same @HillaryClinton handle but now its name reads ‘Mary Jo for Hillary’.

The Hillary logo has been updated to include a photo of Brown leaning casually in front of her office.

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