Nepal may call off Everest expeditions for 2015


Everest base campNepal may call off the expeditions to Mount Everest this year after an elite team of sherpas informed the government that they would take at least two months to set up a new route to the top of the world’s highest peak after an avalanche on April 25 hit the traditional route.

Hundreds of climbers have refused to climb Everest due to fears after a series of avalanches hit the base camp following the massive earthquake, and killed at least 16 climbers.

The Sagarmataha (Everest) Pollution Committee that was given the responsibility to rebuild the path to the top of Everest from the base camp, on Tuesday met Minister for Tourism and Culture Dipak Chandra Amatya and informed him that it was almost impossible to rebuild the traditional route in a short time.

The “icefall doctors” informed the minister that it will take at least two months to create a new route after the deadly avalanche hit the traditional route.

In a letter to the minister, the committee said expedition equipment was buried in the avalanche and it was virtually impossible to resume the expeditions.

However, ministry spokesperson Mohan Krishna Sapkota told IANS that the government was holding discussions with relevant stakeholders in the matter.

“The government never says the expedition is called off because we are always open for it, but if the situation does not permit, that is another thing,” he said.

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