Who Will Stop This Madness?


Bikram Vohra comments on the Bhagpat kangaroo court verdict on a young couple

Villagers in cyclone hit Ganjam district of Odisha obstruct the path of Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik while he was visiting a village in the coastal district on Oct. 14, 2013. (Photo : Arabinda Mahapatra/IANS)Your brother runs away with a girl from a higher caste and marries her. They are both adults so running away is kind of wrong because under Indian law it is fine. But leave it at that. The village elders in Bhagpat village, Uttar Pradesh in their state of rarified genius decide that the just punishment is to have the groom’s two sisters raped and paraded in shame as this will even the scales of justice.
Whaaaatt? By now all of the panchayat or whatever it is called should have been arrested. First, for practicing caste. Second for promoting rape. Third, for being complete morons, men of violence and accessories to rape.
And we needed Amnesty International to intervene and start a campaign. Where were all those pundits who advise us every night on media on how to live our lives, where was the government, those armies of righteously soaked NGOs, the police, the bureaucrats, the do gooders who could allow this disgusting travesty to be so ordered:. Meenakshi Kumari, 23, and her sister, who is just 15 years old, are to be raped, paraded on the streets naked, with blackened faces, according to the order given by the kangaroo court.
Do we need Amnesty’s call to stop abominations. “These Khap courts routinely order vile sexually violent punishments against women. India’s Supreme Court has rightly declared such orders illegal. The government of Uttar Pradesh has an urgent duty to keep this family safe. There must also be a proper, independent investigation into these barbaric and illegal orders which apparently continue to be issued by the Khap panchayat courts.”And yet, the media screaming itself hoarse over some high society murder won’t give a little time to trot down to this village and give it a blitz of publicity so these ugly, gross revolting elders are taken to jail.
If I could get a chance to beat them all I would. Sickos. And a silent nation…what’s worse.