Sorry! Wrong Picture


Indian officials photoshop a pix of Modi checking the flood situation. Bikram Vohra comments on the controversy

Modi pic aHow could the official information department of India be so profoundly stupid as to photoshop a pix of the Indian Prime Minister looking out of a port widow of a chopper over Chennai and assessing a non-distorted pix of the floods and houses.

Through pexi-glass you could never get this clarity. You do not need to be a computer expert, it is so obvious someone took a picture and cropped it into the space. There is not even a touch of the fish eye curvature that would be part of a shot.

The scary part is not that enhanced horror plays with the truth it is that one does not know it today’s hi tech times what is for real and what is not.  Firstpost had written there would be a mandatory shot of a pensive PM staring out of a plane but this is ridiculous and though you cannot blame the PM for it, which genius in the PIB worked it out? Was he expecting a bonus for this display of initiative?

This gaffe underscores a legitimate concern over the authenticity of whatever comes out from the official camera lenses.  Have a look at the picture. It is clearly a scrapbook shot neatly fitted into the porthole. This kind of clarity would come only if there was no glass and even then the angle of a helicopter would not allow for this sort of a shot.

Why do they have to do this sort of thing? Why not just leave it natural. Also, PIB needs to get out of its 19th century box camera mindset and wake up to reality. The protocol pictures are dull and two dimensional and seldom display imagination. Photographic clichés abound and what they were doing in the seventies they are doing now.

Where is it written that the official stuff has to be so dull? And if you have to stray from the dreary at least do it sensibly…if you want to cheat hire some smart alec teenaged cyber champs who will at least ensure you don’t get caught with egg on your face.
One day, they could put the PM where he wasn’t…where does it stop?