5p bag charge is causing confusion


Some customers are taking trolley homes to evade 5 pc per plastic bag…reports Asian Lite news

tesco storeShoppers are trying to find cunning ways around the new five pence carrier bag charge with pictures surfacing on the internet of people taking a trolley home.

For just a £1 coin, shoppers at most supermarkets can use a trolley and for those that live close by, have been taking it home full of their goods to avoid paying the new plastic bag charge, says a Leicester Mercury report.

Users took to Instagram to share their efforts, while it’s also been revealed that a Tesco store in Surrey have been attaching security tags to their bag for life carriers which cost ten pence, in a bid to stop people stealing them.

Customers are also concerned that some stores are using the law which was brought in last Monday to make extra money, adds Leicester Mercury report.
One high street chain were found to be using just one bag per item for their home delivery services and then billing customers for the excessive usage.

Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco charge a flat rate of 40p for the use of carrier bags on home delivery orders, while Morrisons credit customers with 5p to their account for every bag returned on their next order.

The law was introduced on October 5, in a bid by the government to cut plastic bag usage and in turn, help the environment.

Not all stores are covered by the law, it just applies to those who employ more than 250 people, however, smaller outfits are able to introduce the levy at their discretion.