Angela looks forward to meet Queen


The world will soon witness the meeting of two of Europe’s most powerful woman who will hold a private meeting in Berlin, as Germany’s Angela Merkel will meet Her Majesty – Queen of Great Britain…reports Asian Lite News.

BRITAIN-ROYALS-TROOPING THE COLOURChancellor Angela Merkel has said she is looking forward to Queen Elizabeth’s state visit to Germany. It is not yet clear that Merkel will broach the subject of Britain remaining in the EU when two of the world’s most powerful women meet.

Merkel has hailed the monarch as a witness to the development of bi lateral relations between Germany and the UK. Mrs Merkel was asked in her official weekly podcast whether the Queen’s state visit could be judged as a positive sign for a united European future. Merkel said,“Firstly we are really looking forward to Queen Elizabeth visiting Germany.” She said that the Queen’s visit to the country – her fifth in more than 60 years on the throne – is “always a big event”. “Queen Elizabeth is a witness to the development of the relationship between Germany and Britain, which is very friendly today,” said Mrs Merkel, who has met the Queen on several occasions , including during a visit to Buckingham Palace in February 2014.
“As I have often said, I hope that Britain of course remains part of the European Union,” added Mrs Merkel.

Germany is witnessing a bout of enthusiasm in the run-up to the state visit, and has been poring over the etiquette outlined for guests when meeting the Queen at the royal garden party being held at the British embassy in Berlin, such as a strict ban on trying to take a selfie with Her Majesty, reports The Telegraph.

“In 60 years of the Queen’s reign, nothing from conversations with her is ever divulged,” German government spokesman Steffen Seibert has previously said. “That will certainly be no different when she comes to Berlin.” He stressed that political discussions about Britain’s future in the EU were recently conducted with Prime Minister David Cameron, with whom Merkel will also be meeting later.

Mr Cameron had been invited to the dinner on the Queen’s state visit to Germany shortly before crucial EU talks involving Mrs Merkel over Britain’s relationship with Brussels.
Critics and political observers find this as an unusual invitation as it is only the second time that Mr Cameron has joined the Queen abroad since being Prime Minister.