Animal Farm or What Nonsense?


Has anyone else had this experience where the post fumigation is worse. Is there a scientific reason?….asks Bikram Vohra after a bad experience of fumigation 

Children amidst OctopusSo we decided with the heat and all that to call in the fumigation people especially after we surmised an ant had bitten my grand-daughter and naturally this set off of all sorts of red flags and the guys duly arrived looking like hazmat experts and did their bit and we stayed out the whole day and put the dogs in the car and sent them off to a cooler place and congratulated ourselves on removing the threat.

It is now five days later and there are more ants than ever before. It is like the ants discovered a bio-protection device and laughed off the sprays of insecticide or they have done yoga and convinced themselves that they are not pests and cannot be controlled.

A sort of spiritual elevation.

Forget the ants. We have an army of flies that were not there before the fumigation. There are everywhere and we are using spray cans, electric paddles, bright lights to rid ourselves of the menace. There are little flies that get into your hair. Littler flies that sit on your nose. Since yesterday when this eruption took place the house is a war zone.

So we called the fumigation people and told that that as far as fumigation went they didn’t go very far. In fact, they went backwards and they have created a new resistant fly strain. And ant strain. Since we did not have any roaches we are wondering if this magic medicine has created a spawning of which we shall be unwilling recipients. Last evening I saw a family of gecko lizards on the wall looking fat and healthy.

The fumigation people have told us that since five days is within the six month guarantee (really, did they figure it out without a computer) they will consider their options and get back to us after the week-end.

To add insult to injury the gardner came in and said, for a fifth of what you paid I would have got some powder and killed them all.

Now, he tells us.

Has anyone else had this experience where the post fumigation is worse. Is there a scientific reason?