Baby dies after being bitten by dog

Reggie Blacklin
Reggie Blacklin
Reggie Blacklin

A three-week-old baby boy has died after being bitten by a dog in Sunderland.

The mother of a three-week-old boy who died after being bitten by a small terrier at his house is said to be devastated.

Reggie Blacklin was taken to hospital after officers were called to the property in Sunderland.

But the infant later died reports Sky News.

A family member, who did not want be named, said the boy’s mother was not in the house when the youngster was attacked.

He said she had been at a family event following a bereavement, and had returned late at night to find the distressing scene.

But he added she never left her son alone with the dog and was devastated by what happened.

He also said the canine, which was usually kept outside in an outhouse and was never left alone with children, was good-natured.