Beckham Spills the Beans


Beckham picked soccer over girls while growing up….reports Asian Lite News

BeckamEngland football great David Beckham says he “didn’t care” about attention from girls while growing up.

“I didn’t care about attention from girls. I just wanted to play soccer,” Beckham told

While Beckham had his first kiss at age 13 “with my friend’s sister, Emma,” he said, it wasn’t until years later that he started dating. “My first real girlfriend was when I was 17.”

“I never worried about what I wore or how I looked. To be honest, all I cared about was soccer.”

The hard work paid off and led to a thriving 20-year professional soccer career. But Beckham admits he did miss out on a few things growing up.

“The majority of my friends were going down to the corner shop and buying some cider or a Red Stripe (beer) and I was worrying about my game the next day,” he said.

“My parents worked hard to give me everything they could. They gave me a great upbringing with my sisters,” Beckham said. “I enjoyed everything about my childhood.”