BMA Panel to decide on tomorrow’s strike


Finally he woke up! Hunt made a statement at Parliament regarding the junior doctors strike. The BMA junior doctors executive committee will now decide on the strike. An announcement by the BMA is expected any time……..reports Asian Lite News

NHS HospitalIn a statement to the House of Commons, Health Secretary Mr Jeremy Hunt said: “I’m pleased to report to the House after working through the weekend, discussions led to a potential agreement early this afternoon between the BMA leadership and the Government.

“This agreement would allow a time-limited period during which negotiations can take place and during which the BMA agrees to suspend strike action and the Government agrees not to proceed unilaterally with implementing a new contract.

“This agreement is now sitting with the BMA junior doctors executive committee who will decide later today if they’re able to support it.”

The possible deal was made following four days of talks between the BMA, Government officials and NHS Employers.

The discussions were hosted by the hosted by the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas), which prompted critics to ask why Mr Hunt had previously refused to involve the independent mediator.

Now ball is in the court of the British Medical Association’s (BMA) junior doctors’ committee. They  will decide whether to suspend their planned action under the new agreement, in exchange for the Government not imposing a new contract on young medics while further talks take place.