BROWN: Tax cuts are anti-British

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Former prime minister and the brain behind Tony Blair’s economic reforms Gordon Brown rapped Chancellor George Osborne over his decision to go ahead with the cuts on tax credits

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown
Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown

The former “Iron Chancellor” said Tory plans to slash tax credits are “anti-work, anti-family, anti-children, anti-fairness, anti-women and anti-British.” He urgedOsborne to abandon his policy, the Huffington Post reported.

The former Labour leader, who created the top-up benefit for low-paid workers, called on the Chancellor to do more than tweak the controversial welfare crackdown as pressure mounted on the Tories ahead of details of their U-turn being announced this month.

He singled out “millennials” being worst hit against low wages and the spiralling cost of living, warning young couples were the “new poverty generation”.

Mr Brown, in a 45-minute speech marking the Child Poverty Action Group’s 50th anniversary, said if the Osborne plan was “massaged” it was so “fundamentally flawed” it would still lead to a “more divided and polarised” society and inequality rising faster than anywhere in the West.

And he warned child poverty could reach a 50-year high under the Tory plans and called for a “grand coalition” of business and trade unions to oppose them.

He listed seven “facts” about impoverished families as he attempted to bust myths surrounding the Tory plans to find £4 billion of savings through reforming the benefit.

He argued raising the minimum wage to more than £9 an hour and cutting income tax – flagship Government policies – would fail to offset the impact of cutting tax credits.