CAMERON: Let’s finish what we’ve begun

British Prime Minister David Cameron at the Asian Lite office in Manchester. Photo: Arun Jacob Thomas (File)

Prime Minister David Cameron appealed to the British electorate to vote Conservative to finish the good work they have started five years back.

British Prime minister David Cameron at the Asian Lite office in Manchester. Photo: Arun Jacob Thomas
British Prime minister David Cameron at the Asian Lite office in Manchester. Photo: Arun Jacob Thomas

In a message, the prime minister said the Conservatives can have a strong economy and a stable government .

“I will keep working through our long-term economic plan as Prime Minister,” Cameron said. “But a vote for anyone else would lead to chaos. Ed Miliband, propped up by the SNP, would wreck our economy with more borrowing, more debt and more taxes.”

In an exclusive interview to Asian Lite newspaper, Cameron said the objectives of Conservative 2020 Vision will bring dramatic changes in the socio-political landscape for the BAME communities across the country.

“Our schemes like Start up Loans and Help to Buy are aiding the communities in a big way to get into the ladder of success,” Cameron said. “The 2020 Vision will ensure one fifth of the retirement seats will be reserved for the Black and Minority Ethnic Communities. We fielded Mr Rishi Sunak at Richmond, the former seat of William Hague and one of the safest seats for the Conservatives in North Yorkshire.”

“The party will persuade experts in different fields to join the fold to bring changes in the communities,” Cameron added.

The prime minister added the first black or Asian prime minister in Britain will be a Conservative.

The prime minister said young British Asian Conservative councillors like Reena Ranger Ahuja are role models for the community to embark on mainstream political career.

“Reena is already a Conservative councillor; she is in the candidate list. She is a perfect example and will make a brilliant MP,” Cameron said.

The prime minister rejects the rumours of discussions on leadership changes in the Conservative Party as the general election on May 7 heading to deliver a hung parliament.

“I am not contemplating failure and I am contemplating success at this stage,” Cameron told Asian Lite. “I am sure I will get the mandate on May 7 to complete the work I started five years ago.”

The Sunday Times reported that Conservatives were facing a “wobbly weekend” after some of the party’s donors and prospective MPs openly criticised their own campaign and called for London Boris Johnson to take over from Cameron.

The paper said Tory candidates and ministers were already in discussions over a successor to Cameron if he loses on May 7.

The prime minister says the party is focusing on winning the election and not leadership change.

Cameron said the Labour lacks consistency in key policies especially on Libya.

Regarding the Labour accusation of the role of failed Libyan policy in the Mediterranean boat tragedy, Cameron said the Labour must have some consistency in their foreign policies. “Ed Miliband spoke in favour of the policy and voted for the Libyan policy,” Cameron said. “He doesn’t mention Libya in the manifesto and suddenly he made the speech. Leaders needed to demonstrate clarity, consistency and strength in the face of a dangerous and uncertain world. People will look at these ill-judged remarks and they will reach their own conclusions.”

The prime minister was critical on coalition partner over electoral reforms. Regarding the coalition rift on electoral reforms, Cameron said he regret the Liberal Democrats broke their word.

“ Lib Dems promised to support the electoral reforms if there is a referendum on alterantive vote,” Cameron said. “The referendum took place but the Lib Dems broke their words. It is ideal to have equal size constituencies. The law is already there and it will be implemented in the next term of the Parliament.”

The prime minister warned the Labour-SNP government will ruin the economy and bring miseries to the communities.

Labour and Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) are two sides of the same coin and will bring more taxes, more borrowing, more debts and unlimited welfare and will take the economy to the wrong direction.

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