Cameron promises EU referendum

British Prime Minister David Cameron at Asian Lite office in Manchester. Photo Arun Jacob Thomas

British Prime Minister David Cameron. Photo Arun Jacob Thomas
British Prime Minister David Cameron.                                                  Photo Arun Jacob Thomas

British Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed  a referendum on Britain’s membership status in the European Union after securing his second mandate in Thursday’s general elections, this time with an absolute majority.

In a statement given at 10 Downing Street, Cameron also said he would rule for all of Britain, referring to the four nations in the territory.

Speaking after the consultations with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, Cameron thanked Liberal Democratic leader Nick Clegg, who served as his deputy for the last five years in the coalition government formed after the 2010 elections when the Tories failed to secure an absolute majority.

The prime minister, whose party won 328 seats, two more than 326 needed for a majority, also thanked Labour Party leader Ed Miliband for his “generous gesture” in congratulating Cameron’s victory.

“I truly believe we are on the brink of something special in our country. We can make Britain a place where a good life is in reach for everyone who is willing to work and do the right thing,” Cameron said.

In addition to committing to convene a referendum on EU membership, Cameron reiterated his intention to meet all promises made in his campaign, such as reducing taxes and creating jobs.

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