Cameron Rejects Norway Model


Prime Minister David Cameron said all options are on the table as he battles to recast Britain’s relationship with Brussels – including leaving the EU

david cameron Cameron said he would “guard very strongly against” wanting to emulate Norway, as some Eurosceptics have suggested, BBC reported.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said Norway thrives outside the EU as it saves on membership fees and red tape. But Mr Cameron took this argument on as he prepared to fly to Iceland for a summit of Northern European leaders – he has previously avoided arguing directly with Eurosceptics, many of whom are on his own Conservative benches.

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions, he said: “If we don’t get what we need in our negotiations I rule nothing out, but I do think it’s important that as we have this debate as a nation that we are very clear about the facts and figures of the alternatives.

“Some people arguing for Britain to leave the European Union – not all people, but some people – have particularly pointed to the position of Norway saying that is a good outcome. I would guard very strongly against that.

“Norway actually pays as much per head to the EU as we do. They actually take twice as many per head migrants as we do in this country but of course they have no seat at the table, no ability to negotiate.

“I’m not arguing that all those who want to leave the EU say they want to follow the Norwegian path but some do and I think it’s very important in this debate that we are absolutely clear about the consequences of these actions.”