Chai Parties to fuel Modi preparations


In the run up to Modi’s first visit to the UK as PM, the UK Welcomes Modi has initiated “Chai Parties” across the UK….reports Asian Lite News

Tea Party AWith less than two weeks to go until the first visit by an Indian Prime Minister to the UK in over 10 years, the excitement is building within local communities, the British Government and the media for what promises to be a momentous occasion.

Generating interest and excitement in all quarters, PM Modi’s visit is due to be marked with the public on 13 November 2015, where PM Modi will take centre stage at Wembley Stadium to address 60,000 people at a reception entitled “Two Great Nations – One Glorious Future”.

UK Welcomes Modi WembleyFinal preparations for the highly anticipated arrival of PM Modi and the welcome reception are continuing and a key element of this preparation is ensuring that the message behind the visit is communicated to all of those concerned.  Throughout the weekend of Saturday 7 November 2015 and Sunday 8 November 2015, over 25 towns and cities across the United Kingdom will be hosting “Hi Chai! The UKWelcomes Modi Chai Parties” in honour of the Indian Prime Minister.

These events are aiming to engage local communities to discuss key topics and themes they think Modi should talk about when meeting the PM and the Queen. It also envisages to engage local communities to discuss the longer term benefits of Modi’s visit; keep the momentum and enthusiasm up as we enter the final week and ensuring people in the regions (outside London) feel part of the event at Wembley on 13 Nov 2015.

Asian Lite will produce a special edition on Modi's UK visit
Asian Lite will produce a special edition on Modi’s UK visit